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Image Master Group has succesfully collaborated with Inmediata on two different Content Creation ventures. Scroll down to see both projects.

Client: Inmediata



Inmediata is a leader in the healthcare world.


Inmediata offers solutions that

enable & transform the way healthcare

industry gathers, manages,

distributes, & communicates information.

Project: Inmediata Customer Service Video



Image Master Group created a

blissful & informative experience filled

with memorable moments &

immense brand recognition. The motion

graphic video is engaging & funky!



Communication is key!


In this case, Inmediata wished to tell their

clients how much they care.

Inmediata hired Image Master Group

to create a video that illustrates

all the different & unbelievably efficient

ways they support their clients.

Project: Inmediata Cloud-Computing Video



Image Master Group created an

engaging & impacting motion graphic video

that breaks down all the

benefits of Cloud-Computing. This video

was premiered in front of a live

audience at the Inmediata annual mixer.




Technology will enhance your life!


For this informational video, Inmediata

wished to show their clients

the benefits of Cloud-Computing in the

health care industry. Maintaining

brand recognition & reinforcing the need to

innovate were required in the

creation of this project.

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